Flowatch Flowmeter/Anemometer


Flowatch Flowmeter/Anemometer Convenient collapsible design for ultimate portability. Developed for use under various challenging field conditions. Its different impellers measure almost any fluid, liquid or gaseous medium. Fluid measurements can be taken in knots, km/h, mph, and m/s. The meter also takes temperature measurements in either degree F or degree C, including minimum and maximum temperature and current temperature. Also included is a wind speed impeller which allows you to take air velocity and wind chill measurements. To take flow measurements from a bridge or other elevated location, use the optional flow sensor with 15 meter cable (sold separately). Kit includes the display, 2m telescoping rod, a 60mm water impeller, 25mm air impeller and carrying case. Weatherproof. Specifications Accuracy: +/- 2 percent fluid speed; +/- 3 percent air velocity; Temperature, +/- degree F (+/- 0.2 degree C). Range: Fluid Speed, 0.2 to 40 mph (0.1 to 18 M/Sec) depending on impeller; Temperature, -58 degree F to 212 degree F (-50 degree C to 100 degree C). Resolution: 0.3 km/h; 0.2 mph; 0.2 knots; 0.1 M/Sec. Temperature Modes: Minimum, maximum, current temperature, wind chill factor. Operating Modes: Current, maximum and average fluid speed. Power: 2 AA Batteries (included).