Super Sonic Molechaser


This versatile device features two operation modes to effectively drive away burrowing rodents and prevent them from returning! The Super Sonic Molechaser produces an underground sonic pulse of 300 Hz and covers up to 11,250 square feet (1/4 acre). When the device is first buried in the ground, the super sonic mode emits a powerful signal that is perfect for combating heavy mole infestations. Rodents find the noise irritating and move to a quieter location, but pets are not impacted by the sound. Once the rodents begin relocating, the device can be switched to long life mode which extends battery life while still providing protection. The Super Sonic Molechaser is constructed from a single billet of aluminum and features a watertight control head that can be buried flush with the ground. The unit can remain in the ground during mowing and battery replacement. Specifications: Batteries: 4 D alkaline batteries (not included). Battery Life: Super Sonic Mode, up to 6 months; Long Life Mode, up to 12 months.