SkyScan Lightning/Storm Detector


Detect lightning as far as 40 miles away! Thanks to the patented dual antenna technology and digital microprocessor, the SkyScan is the most reliable and accurate lightning detection system available. With the push of a button, SkyScan detects lightning and accurately tracks its approach with both an audible tone and four LEDs which are ranged in miles to let you know if the storm is moving towards, away or parallel to your position. In case of a severe storm, the SkyScan warns of strong thunderstorms or squall lines by sounding a continuous alarm for 15 seconds and illuminating the Severe Storm LED for a minimum of 15 minutes and repeats this every 15 minutes until the severe weather activity has cleared. Other features include a rugged weather-resistant case, a range select allows audible warning to be set at desired range, and a battery save function. Operates on two 9 Volt batteries.