Solar Laptop


Take SOL Wherever Life Takes You With its rugged design, extreme durability and detachable solar power panels, you are good to go wherever you want to go with SOL. For work, play or learning, you can take SOL with you to the most remote places on earth. Day or night, work anywhere, any without any fear of electrical brownouts, blackouts or shutdowns. SOL Works Morning, Afternoon and Night When you need to share your adventure, just plug your SOL into the sun. (Technically, you unfold your solar panels, but lets not quibble.) But you are not limited by daylight to operate this remarkable laptop. The SOL mobile computer is engineered for energy efficiency. When the sun goes down, you can be up and running well into the night. - Sun operated. - Environmentally friendly. - More rugged. - Runs on free software (Ubuntu Linux). - Easy to use and maintain. - Fully loaded with productivity & creativity tools. - Wireless & Internet-ready. - Detachable solar panels. - Remarkably affordable.