Agratronix Soil Compaction Tester


Quickly determine the extent of subsurface soil compaction with this tester! A color-coded, stainless steel dial indicates if growing conditions are good (green), fair (yellow), or poor (red). The dial is liquid-filled to reduce shock. The tester features a durable molded housing, rubber hand grips, and a 24 Inches stainless steel rod with an adjustable shock collar that guards against damage during transport or storage. Two tips are included (1/2 Inch tip for firm soil and ¾ Inch tip for soft soil) and store conveniently in the tester housing. Specifications: Penetration Depth: up to 24 Inches in 3 Inch increments. Testing Range: Good growing conditions, 0 to 200 psi; Fair growing conditions, 200 to 300 psi; Poor growing conditions, 300 psi and above.