Peco DCC-1 Digital Compass/Clinometer


DIGITAL COMPASS / CLINOMETER: Directional and vertical angle measurement: Simple push-button operation and an intuitive interface thats easy to both learn and read makes the DCC-1 the hands-down choice for site survey in satellite installation. And since there are no capsules that can freeze, crack or require maintenance, the DCC-1 is less expensive over the life of the instrument. Able to withstand the rigors of everyday use, the DCC-1 can take a real licking, unlike conventional models. There are no capsules to break or leak, meaning fewer costly repairs and more uptime. As a combination tool that can replace aging and damaged models, the DCC-1 features an azimuth compass (0-360 degree) graduated in 1 degree increments, and is accurate to 2.5 degree. The clinometer measures -90 degree to +90 degree and is graduated in 0.1 degree increments with accuracy to 0.2 degree. Single-button operation guides users through multiple functions and readings, and users can switch from compass to clinometer with just one push. The backlit easy-to-read LCD display provides large, legible numbers, even in low-light conditions, reducing errors. Built-in magnetic declination and easy calibration. The DCC-1 reads only in degrees and has no height calculation function. Operates on a single 1.5V AA battery. Manufactured in Sweden.