Model 300 Sonic Water Level Meter


This self-contained, battery operated meter uses sound waves to measure well water level. Fast, accurate measurements are possible in the field or anywhere, without the use of down-hole instrumentation. Lightweight, compact, versatile, and easy to operate, the water level meter allows you to measure crooked wells, wells with cascading water, partially cased rock wells, wells with submersible pumps, capped or uncapped wells, wells with pipes and wires inside, plus you can even measure the length of coiled pipe. As long as the obstructions take up no more than half of the bore area, the meter will not suffer any loss of accuracy. The sonic water level meter should only be used on wells under 10 inches in diameter as the accuracy decreases with larger diameter wells. Under certain conditions, accuracy may exceed this limit; when the well casing is discontinuous; when the well casing is highly corroded or rough; when large obstructions e.g. pipe joints or wiring exceed half the area of the well casing; if the well casing is less than 2 inches or greater than 10 inches in diameter. Measurement Range: Normal 10-500 feet or Deep up to 1200 feet. Readout Accuracy: +0.1 feet. Measurement Accuracy: +0.2 percent of reading. Operating Temperature: 30 degree F to 140 degree F. Power: 8 AA dry cell batteries. Dimensions: (excluding sonic measuring duct) 7 Inch L x 4 Inch H x 5 Inch W. Sonic Measuring Duct Diameter: 5/8 Inch. Hole diameter must be at least large enough for 1/2 pipe thread. Sonic Measuring Duct Length: 2 Inch.