Snake Tongs 52 Inches


SNAKE TONG 52 INCHES. BLUE COLOR. Wide Jaw design. Rubber coated top Jaw. Completely hidden Wire Cable not Exposed. Polished Aluminum Handle and Jaw. Designed to handle Snakes and other Reptiles safely. 52 Inches from Handle to Jaw. Stainless Steel Cable. Thicker Aluminum shaft. Wide Jaw for more Humane Handling. The wider jaw covers more surface area unlike the standard jaw tongs which can get in between the ribs. The wider surface area ensures that the jaws wont get in between individual ribs which ensures comfort and safety for the animal, resulting in a much calmer and less agitated animal. Hand Contoured Pistol Grip Handle. Spring Loaded Jaw for precise pressure. The Rubberized top, along with the polished bottom half of the jaws prevent the snake from sliding through. Essentially you can keep the snake in position by applying minimal pressure, which also keeps the animal in a much calmer state. Professional Grade Tongs. This design of tongs is the best technology available on the market for safely handling snakes humanely. BLUE Colored Tube.