Moultrie White Flash Camera Trap


RESOLUTION:- 14.0 MP. Capturing colorful nighttime images has never been easier, thanks to the White Flash powerful xenon strobe flash, a trigger speed under 1 second, 50-foot detection range and an array of thoughtful design features. An easy-to-use interface with password protection, Quick Start mode for simple setup, and backlit menu buttons for low-light operation make the White Flash very user-friendly while a Realtree Xtra camo case aids concealment. WHITE STRIDE FLASH:- A powerful xenon strobe flash illuminates game up to 50 feet away in total darkness, creating vibrant full-color images at night. PHOTO & VIDEO RESOLUTION:- Manage image quality and storage with 2 resolution settings, low (1600x1200px) and high (4320x3240px), and capture 4:3 aspect ratio video in 720px. SPECIAL FEATURES:- Multi-shot, time-lapse and hybrid modes (triggered by passive infrared and time lapse) offer hunters versatility and customizability. EXTERIOR:- A sturdy case with a weatherproof plastic exterior comes with standard ¼ Inch-20 bottom tripod mounts and back slots for use with an included nylon strap or Python lock cable (sold separately) for tree mounting. A Python lock-compatible clasp offers added security. MEMORY CARD COMPATIBILITY:- Works with SD/SDHC Class 4 cards or higher and can handle up to 32 GB. Memory cards sold separately. BATTERY LIFE:- Requires 12 AA batteries. Captures approximately 15,000 images. Actual results may vary. OTHER POWER SOURCES:- Compatible with any Moultrie 12V DC external power source. Camera also supports AC power mode.