ECOTONE MIST NETS FOR BIRDS AND BATS: SELECTION OF MIST NET FOR BIRDS AND BATS DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU INTEND TO CATCH, BATS OR BIRDS, SIZE, STRENGTH AND BEHAVIOUR OF OBJECT YOU ARE TARGETING AND FEATURES OF THE HABITAT WHERE YOU PLAN TO USE THE NETS WHETHER OPEN OR DENSE VEGETATION, HEIGHT OF VEGETATION AND LIGHT CONDITIONS. The excellent quality and field efficiency of our nets are a result of 30 years of experience in this field. All models of our nets have been thoroughly tested by our team. We have used them in nearly all conditions from the snowy Arctic to tropical forests and deserts. All our nets are made from highest quality Japanese nylon and polyester netting, except the netting D235 which is Polish origin. We can produce special ornithological nets, such as DHO Gaza, Canopy net or trammel net. ADVANTAGES: The quality and efficiency of our nets are result from more than 30 years of experience. All our nets are made from the highest quality nylon and polyester netting. Most are made of Japanese netting, except for a few specialised models, such as the strongest series 2000. All our nets are black, UV protected; the material and colours are durable and long-Lasting. The special knots used in our nets help to prevent the loops and shelf strings from moving. The construction with positioning strings prevent wind shift of the netting. Each net come with Ecotone cotton made bag. LOOPS: From 2009 our nets loops are marked with an indelible serial number and the companys name to help control quality and to track nets used illegally. The serial number is placed on one of the colour loops and on the product label. Our new mist nets loops are longer and stronger than previously used. Top loops are colour-coded and equipped with stoppers to make fast setting easier. New loops are designed to be used especially with our Mist Net Poles. (WE DO NOT SELL MIST-NETS TO UNAUTHORISED PERSONS. THESE MIST NETS FOR BIRDS AND BATS ARE ONLY FOR GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION, RESEARCH INSTITUTE WHO IS ENGAGED IN RESEARCH AND CONSERVATION).