Anabat Walkabout Active Bat Detector


Anabat Walkabout Active Bat Detector. The all-in-one device designed for active bat detection and recording. The full colour five inch LCD touchscreen displays both full spectrum and zero crossing calls in real time, enabling you to monitor and review your sonograms in the field. The detector uses the FG Knowles microphone which is known for its robustness & sensitivity. This omnidirectional microphone can be easily converted to directional using the included unobtrusive cone attachment. Saving your recordings is also a breeze with a built-in file management system for easy storage and play back, as well as metadata linking for adding all your species labels, voice recordings, maps and more. A built-in GPS and mapping system allows you to tag your calls and log your path as you go. Maps can also be saved for offline viewing. Included accessories: Wall Charger, USB Cable, 16GB SD Card, earphones, hand strap, lanyard, directional cone attachment and microfiber cloth. Features: 500ks/s 16 bit Sample Rate. Full colour 5” Touchscreen display. FG Knowles Microphone. Multiple Audio modes (Including Time Expansion and Heterodyne). GPS and Wi-Fi enabled. Android Operating System (no phone or tablet required). Free Analook Insight Analysis Software Licence (When released). Operating System: Android – Jelly Bean. Sample Rate: 500ks/s 16Bit. Display: 5 Inch Colour LCD Touchscreen. Frequency range: 5 - 200kHz. Power: Built-in Lithium Ion Battery 7000mAh. Record Time: Approx. 6-10 hours. Charging: Universal - Micro USB Wall Charger 5V 2A. File output: WAV (full spectrum) and Anabat Sequence Files (zero crossing). Memory: SD Storage Card (16GB card provided). Weight: 415g. Dimensions: 180L x 100W x 28H mm (with directional cone attached). Microphone: Built-in Knowles FG omnidirectional and external microphone support. Audio modes: Heterodyne, time expansion, frequency division or pitch shift. Audio output: Built-in Speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack (earphones included). GPS Module: Built-in. Mapping: KML and GPX (Maps provided by Open Street Maps and MapQuest aerial). Wi-Fi: Built-in. Sensors: Lux Meter, Temperature and Humidity.