Batbox Griffin


Batbox Griffin: The most advanced bat recorder available for specialists and professionals. The Griffin has been designed to provide all the required functions for studying and surveying bat populations, whilst being easy to use in the dark and without the necessity for the usual connecting leads to recording equipment. Recording time is limited only by the capacity of the Compact Flash card used. The advanced design gives the user setup options, and many automatic features allow use by non-specialist operators. The unit can be powered by all types of AA type batteries, enabling worldwide operation. Records 16bit, 44.1kHz WAV to removable CF card. Heterodyne, frequency-division and time-expansion. 705kHz (x16) and 441kHz (x10) sample rate options. Programmable, menu-driven, easy-to-use. Date, time, temp and lux displayed and saved to files. 3 unattended modes, including ibats mode. Hi-pass and low-pass trigger filters. Up to 2 seconds pre-trigger recording. Built–in HF microphone with external mic input. Headphone and speaker output. White on blue display with backlight options. Online firmware updates. Optional Accessories: Wide-range external power option. Optional tough rubber jacket. Tough moulded carry case.