Batbox III D


Batbox III D: Leader in the field of heterodyne detectors. The new Batbox III D is a heterodyne bat detector, which incorporates the latest technology, whilst retaining all the best qualities of its predecessor. The easy-to-read digital display, single-handed operation, high sensitivity and robustness make it an essential field tool for the professional or amateur batworker. A high quality, low noise ultrasonic bat detector used in universities, conservation and environment departments and by thousands of amateur naturalists throughout the world. Tunable range: 19kHz – 125 kHz. Bandwidth: > 16kHz. Record out (3.5 mm socket): line level (mono). Headphone out (3.5 mm socket): to both channels (8 -16 ohm). Display: 12.5 mm digital LCD with back-light. Display Accuracy: 1 digit. Microphone: broadband electret condenser. Speaker: weatherproof 35mm. Amplifier: 350mW (max). Power supply: 1 x 9v PP3. Quiescent current: 24mA. Dimensions: 125 x 69 x 32 (mm). Weight: 131gm (without battery).