Song Meter SM3BAT


Song Meter SM3BAT:- The only bioacoustics recorder that can be used for any combination of ultrasonic and acoustic recording work. The SM3BAT can simultaneously record chiropteran, terrestrial, avian and marine life. Massive data storage capacity, two channel recording and an assortment of ultrasonic and acoustical microphones as well as hydrophones mean that the SM3BAT can be used for any recording situation. Birds by day, bats by night, and everything else in between. The SM3BAT is the only recorder of its kind that can serve multiple roles in the field. For lower frequency recordings, the SM3BAT can be programmed to sample from 1kHz to 96kHz – capturing the broadest range of avian and terrestrial wildlife. If you need to capture bat echolocation calls as well, the Song Meter can be programmed to sample from 192kHz, up to 256kHz on two channels. The SM3BAT can sample at even higher rates – up to 384kHz on a single channel. Perhaps your research work varies during the field season and you need to cover amphibian and marine life too. The SM3BAT can be easily outfitted with a cabled hydrophone as well. Record up to 260 hours of acoustic data or 180 hours of ultrasonic data in full spectrum. The SM3BAT can record on two channels or for the sake of extending deployment time, record on one. In short, it can capture up to 260 hours of avian, amphibian and terrestrial acoustic data, 180 hours of ultrasonic calls in full spectrum or up to 700 hours of bat echolocation call data in zero crossing on one channel. That means longer deployments and fewer trips into the field. Choose a schedule or create your own The SM3BAT comes with out-of-the box recording programs; including daytime, night time, and continuous recording schedules with automatic configuration. Just pick your desired schedule and press the Start button to begin making recordings immediately. Or, you can create customized, sophisticated schedules and settings to suit your exact needs. Capture up to two terabytes of data. The SM3BAT is compatible with SDHC and SDXC cards. There are four weatherproof SD card slots and with each card capable of storing 512 gigabytes of echolocation data. The SM3BAT adaptive triggering for bats combined with file compression, storage capacity exceeds two terabytes. That means more vocalization data containing vast amounts of detail. Record in high fidelity using the new ultrasonic and acoustic microphones. The weather resistant SMM-U1 ultrasonic microphone (complete with 3 meter cable) features high quality FG microphone elements that have improved signal to noise ratios and flatter frequency response over our previous microphones. Gain is applied at the microphone to increase signals in the cables (up to 100 meters) therefore reducing electrical noise interference. The result is higher quality recordings, even when the cables are run along side other cables on metrology towers or in wind turbines. For lower frequencies, the SMM-A1 acoustic microphone was designed with gain applied at the microphone to improve recording quality. It is completely weatherproof and can be deployed away from the recorder with cables up to 100 meters in length. Choose the SM3BAT if: You need to record birds or other wildlife on a second channel. You need a schedule that does different things on different days. You want to make sub-minute recordings.