Song Meter SM3


Song Meter SM3 A customizable acoustic recorder for any combination of avian, terrestrial and marine research. The Song Meter SM3 acoustic recorder is a multi-role bioacoustics recording device that can simultaneously record any combination of avian, terrestrial and/or marine life. Completely ruggedized, quick to configure and highly customizable from a configuration and scheduling basis, the SM3 can perform a wide variety of recording roles, and remain in the field for extended periods of time. Record in mono or stereo, using 2 built-in microphones. The SM3 can record in mono or stereo using a 16-bit .wav or optional .wac lossless compression format. Choose a schedule or create your own highly customized one. The SM3 built-in recording programs include daytime, nighttime, and continuous recording schedules with automatic configuration. Just pick your desired schedule and press the Start button to quickly begin making recordings. You can also create sophisticated schedules and tailor configuration settings to suit your needs. Record birds on one day and automatically switch to capturing frog choruses on another. The SM3 can have scheduling details more finely grained than a minute. Make the SM3 stop recording on a specific date. Dynamically change sample rates. The SM3's recording and configuration combinations are nearly endless.