Net Gun


Advantages:: The net can be used repeatedly and it is very convenient to load and unload the cartridge. Moreover, they also could be used for catching some animal. The bullet without powder, so it will good used in gas station, hospital, school and public places. It produce extremely high pressure air volume, which will function as the driving force to push the net popping forward in some certain angle, during the process the net will open automatically and catch the objective encountered in front. It can avoid close contact with criminals to mitigate the hurt. The shooting distance is between 3 and 12 meters, the device consists an emitter, 1~4 nets, 4~8 bullets, weight 5-7.5kg and the open coverage of the net is 12 square meters. Our product with a wide range place, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, especially extensively used in security department, public security system, zoo and Wildlife Conservation Department. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously developing economic and social need. We could made metal net and packing according customers request. The air-charged AIR-BOTTLE RECHARGED ARREST NET is a state-of-the-art police or Security guard equipment with air as the driving power for shooting. Safe Animal Catching. Wildlife Conservationists are very happy with this amazing device, now you can catch any animal without harming or injuring them. Armed police. Very useful for armed police. They do not need to use force to catch the suspects. Now it is much easier to capture the suspects without harming them, now no one can sue them for illegal harassment. Only to be supplied to Government Departments.